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Who is Julie Young?

Julie Young is an evangelist and Director of Young Ministry Group, an international missions organization dedicated to bringing the gospel to peoples, cities, regions, and nations throughout the world. She has presented of the message of Jesus Christ in diverse cultural settings, to heads of state as well as to street dwelling drug addicts. Through YMG, Julie and her teams conduct city-wide evangelism campaigns, regional conferences, leadership schools, and training schools for indigenous evangelists. God has blessed her campaigns with miracles, signs, and powerful healings.

Her background includes serving as a pastor, presidency of a ministerial coalition, inner city work, radio and television, and evangelism in many contexts. She is a popular conference speaker and author. Julie is a graduate of Southeastern University (B.A., Biblical Studies) and is ordained through New Life Christian Fellowship International.

Julie is a wife and mother of three, and she and her husband John make their home in Ohio in the United States.

This page was last updated on 20 February 2014.